NGL-SP-MM-MP-RH-090, Shoulder Pulley, Overdoor Anchor design, Round Handle

NGL-SP-MM-MP-RH-090, Shoulder Pulley, Overdoor Anchor design, Round Handle

Shoulder Pulley System, an Overdoor Anchor design is a major therapist’s choice for Physical Therapy. This is a leading sporting product among other shoulder pulley systems for people who require a simple over the door pulley system to help mobilize and exercise at home. A proper solution to increase range of motion at the shoulder joint and shoulder girdle used in rehabilitation of the shoulder.



NGL-SP-MM-MP-RH-090, Shoulder Pulley, Overdoor Anchor design, Round Plastic Handle

This premium shoulder pulley is a simple cord with adjustable handles, attached to a pulley system and door anchor. The door anchor can be wedged over the door frame, allowing your clients and patients to perform shoulder pulley exercises in numerous positions.

Who Should Use This?

  • Suitable for adults or children (when supervised) following injury or conditions that lead to stiff or frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis) during rehabilitation or as part of a preventative exercise regime.
  • Suitable for shoulder abduction, shoulder adduction, shoulder flexion, internal rotation, external rotation, horizontal flexion, horizontal extension, diagonal lifts, diagonal chops.

How Does this Work?

The pulley allows the user to stretch a painful arm / upper limb joint by using their non-injured arm via a simple pulley system that fixes easily and quickly via a re-enforced tab that is secured by a closed door against the door frame.


  • Restore shoulder health – Good for physical and occupational therapy. The over-the-door shoulder pulley provides controlled movement for rehabilitation from shoulder surgery or injury. Effective exercise method for speeding recovery time and complete shoulder health restoration.
  • Perfect for recovery and rehabilitation of an injury or surgery or if you are just looking to improve strength and mobility.
  • Improves range of Motion – For the affected shoulder for arthritis sufferers and those suffering from tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury or bursitis.

Main Features:

  • Heavy duty, professional grade, shoulder pulley exerciser. Equal high quality as shoulder pulleys applied in physical therapy clinics.
  • Over the door metal bracket allows easy one-hand setup. While units with a door strap require two hands, that creates difficulty for an injured shoulder.
  • Solid round sturdy plastic handles with fine surface texture enable a very comfortable and secure grip.
  • Easily adjustable rope length accommodates persons of any height, this allows the shoulder pulley to be exercised for either seated or standing. This durable rope suits for almost all human heights for use.
  • Detachable clip that enables the mounting to separate with the pulley for easier carrying or other needs.   
  • Sturdy plastic pulley is enclosed with a chrome plated manganese alloy casing. This nylon pulley wheel allows the rope to move freely and smoothly throughout the workout.
  • The pulley is easily mounted and installed over a doorway or can be used with any safe overhead mounting. Constructed from robust materials the pulleys can be altered for any door height or size of person. A design for plastic pulley is to eliminate possible noise generated during the exercise.
  • A nice-looking luster nylon rope enhances a fresh eye-sight. Rope color can be custom made.   

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Additional information

Mounting Bracket

High tensile strangth chrome plated manganese alloy


Reinforced nylon rope, durable, lustre and adjuistable


ABS plastic round handle, light surface texture, extra comfort hand grip

Pulley and mounting bracket

Durable white food graded nylon pulley sitting in a chrome plated manganese alloy housing of 25mm diameter

Detachable clip

This enables the mounting to separate with the pulley for easier carrying or other needs.   

Product weight

280 grams


Bulk packed in a polybag or custom packing

Shoulder pulley design and structre

OEM and ODM are welcome