NGL-6002 (Orthopedic Gel Cold Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace)

Ankle Supports

Ankle Supports

Ankle Braces and Supports can both be used as a preventive measure when having an injury to the ankle. The injuries for which an ankle brace be helpful are those type of injuries in which body weight changes from one foot to the other at a rapid pace such as when playing tennis or while running. This may cause the ankle to twist sometimes resulting in sprain of the ankle. Usually professional athletes who are prone to ankle sprains use protection in the form of braces to avoid any injury but sometimes injuries do occur and then these ankle braces are of great help to the athlete.

Unique Features: Our unique ankle brace or support works by providing physical restraint and reinforcing the supporting action of the ankle ligaments such as the anterior talofibula ligament, calcaneofibula ligament, deltoid ligament.

They also deliver sensory feedback to the sensory nerve around the ankle which improves a patient’s sense of proprioception. This is the ability to know where a joint is positioned without looking at it. Compromised proprioception can lead to an ankle sprain so proprioception training forms a large part of sprained ankle rehabilitation during physiotherapy treatment.

As a lightweight ankle-protective orthosis, it is suitable for patients who often have an ankle sprain, an ankle ligament injury, and ankle instability. It can effectively cushion the ankle during exercise, which can limit the movement of the ankle and foot, prevent the sprain caused by the internal and external valgus of the ankle, relieve the pressure of the ankle joint, strengthen the ankle joint and promote the soft tissue healing of the injury.  

By wearing our ankle brace or support, the likeliness of twisting an ankle or rolling an ankle is greatly reduced and to restore comfort. 

A physical therapist is examining the ankle of a patient who is continuing suffering from ankle pain

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