Hot Pack Terry Covers (Full DJO Version)

Hot Pack Terry Covers (True DJO Version) 

When using hot packs after part of rehabilitation or a fitness session or others, it is important to protect the client from the very hot heat packs or moist heat packs, if using it incorrectly may lead to burns.

What physical therapists do is to completely wrap around moist hot pack in several layers of towel we call it terry cover. The hot pack is then applied directly on the exposed area that needs treatment. Hot pack may be covered with a normal heavy towel during a hot therapy, however towel simply absorbs the heat, while our terry cover allows for heat to effectively transfer.

This obviously adds adequate protection plus a greater comfort and sanitation. Therefore, using a tailor-made hot pack terry cover is highly recommended.

Click to review a demonstration on how terry cover, cerival is applied

When hot pack is removed from the heat  tank, this is put into a terry cover and places on the patient. The treatment will progress much faster with this great way to deliver moist heat to arm, neck, upper shoulder, back, knee, ankle, or other position of the body to soothe pain or discomfort like – stiff neck, backache, arthritis, sprains, or bruises. 

Unique Features:

  • The soft fine grade COTTON blended material with good water absorption characteristic gives a very soft and comfortable feel to further increase patient comfort.
  • Moist heat pack is kept in place with numerous engageable and strengthened hook and loop fasteners. These fasteners prevent the pack from unwrapping or slipping during treatment. Packs are easily removed from these Velcro enclosures.
  • For CERVICAL all-terry type terry cover, a polyurethane laminated layer is embedded in the body for extra comfort and enhance protection.
  • All foam-filled type terry covers are sewn with polyurethane sponge-based foam layer between the two layers of terry. This acts as a buffer between steam and skin which protects the user from excessive heat exposure.
  • Both the “ALL TERRY” lined and “FOAM” lined terry covers can stand for heavy-duty institutional use.
  • These user-friendly designs are perfect for home, clinical or institution use. 

Click to review how terry cover is applied on moist heat pack

There are basically two types of terries covers, “FOAM-FILLED” and “ALL- TERRY “. Their sizes are strictly tailored fit that correspond to full series of hot packs on the line.

The whole terry cover series were designed to allow the therapeutic moist heat to penetrate deep tissues of the body without burning the skin.

Advantages of Our Covers:

  1. It helps prevent burning from a moist heat pack, thus packs are better to be applied when in use.
  2. All of them allow therapeutic moist heat to penetrate without burning the skin.
  3. Advantage over towel is that towel simply absorbs the heat, our terry cover allows for heat to transfer when using moist heat packs.
  4. Good water absorption.
  5. Softer, comfortable hand feel, add greater comfort and sanitation, an economical construction.
  6. Hook and loop fasteners keep heat packs in place and are easy to use.
  7. Machine washable, quick-drying.
  8. Reusable and durable

Summary of Advantages:

  • Non-abrasive
  • Hygienic
  • Durable
  • Soft to the touch
  • Can be treated with anti-bacterial chemicals
  • Water-absorbing
  • Long-lasting if properly cared 

Terry Cover Part Nos, Dimensions and Product weights

No. DJO Type Terry Cover  Part No.  Dimension  Weight  (grams) 
1 Standard Size (ALL TERRY)  NGL-05-1-011 19″ X 27″  500
2 Standard Size (FOAM)  NGL-05-1-012 19″ X 27″  NA
3 Neck Size (ALL TERRY) NGL-05-1-013 25″ X 18″  255
4 Neck Size (FOAM)  NGL-05-1-014 25″ X 18″  NA
5 Oversize (ALL TERRY)  NGL-05-1-015 25″ X 18″  775
6 Oversize  (FOAM)  NGL-05-1-016 25″ X 18″  NA

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