NGL-07-03 (Edema Finger Sleeve, Varies Sizes)

Edema Compression Gloves

Edema Compression Gloves

Our edema control gloves provide gentle, soft tissue compression to help reduce swelling to minimize hypertrophic scarring from burns and other traumatic injuries. All our edema gloves are made of medical grade soft compression material sewn with outside seams for increased comfort.

The management of edema is a constant challenge for hand therapists where the objective is to reduce swelling as effectively and quickly as possible to focus therapy on more functionally related goals, such as return to usual activity. Some people complain – Edema is glue which highlights the challenges of balancing the physiological healing process after injury with the need to maintain and restore soft tissue length, function and joint motion. Also prolonged swelling has an impact on joint range of motion, soft tissue mobility, and quality of scar tissue formation, function, strength, and esthetics of the hand. These factors may delay a patient’s recovery, return to work and resumption of activities of daily living and require frequent or increased outpatient appointments. The prevention and treatment of edema are of paramount importance during all phases of management of the injured hand.

For hand therapy, the most commonly used conventional treatment techniques include massage, elevation, exercise, and compression. Compression for hand edema is usually achieved through appropriate gloves which exert around 15 – 35 mmHg pressures on the tissues of the hand. The garment acts as an external counter pressure which compensates for the inelasticity of edematous tissues, and, therefore improves circulatory efficiency by facilitating venous and lymphatic flow.

Our Expertize:

A patient is being examined on swelling of hand

We carry an extensive line of compression gloves for the control of swelling and discomfort in the hand(s). The gloves provide coverage for the entire hand and thumb, with cutouts open finger for the fingertips. Gauntlets tend to provide coverage from the wrist to the knuckles (our long arm gloves) with or without a cutout for the thumb.

Options include a range of products featuring different types of coverage. These high-quality therapeutic products feature a variety of materials, including specialized fabrics, and careful construction technique. The materials breathe and allow for wide range of stretching, providing greater comfort and range of motion.

Value Added Features:

  • Made of soft, silky nylon and spandex with seams on the outside for smooth edema control, extra comfort in wearing through custom-made garments with optimal skin protection
  • Easy slip on and take off design
  • Provide warmth and compression for soothing soft tissue edema and arthritic joint pain
  • Controlled compression
  • Gloves provide 15 to 35 mm Hg of soft, gentle, even compression to edematous tissue.
  • Open and Closed Finger design offer improved mobility and flexibility.
  • Left or right and universal, sized unisex for users.


Give Patients Relief from Pain – People especially dealing with rheumatoid arthritis often feel pain in their hands. It’s very difficult for them to perform their daily chores. Our compression glove is the solution.  The gloves add safety and protection to the hands, so the patient is comfortable doing household chores.

Improves Blood Circulation – Inflammation caused by arthritis affect the circulation of blood in the body. When a patient has compression gloves, the hand are compressed and becomes warmer that leads to improved blood circulation. Hence, irritation and swelling are prevented when you move your wrists or fingers.

Gives a Better Grip of Objects – When a person has arthritis, it’s painful to do simple tasks such as typing or even to hold a fork. But compression gloves make it easy for people to do these simple things easily. Our gloves are designed not only to give relief from pain but also make it for people to do their household tasks.

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