NGL-SP-B-090, Shoulder Pulley, Overdoor Exerciser

NGL-SP-B-090, Shoulder Pulley, Overdoor Exerciser

NGL-SP-B-090, Shoulder Pulley, Overdoor Exerciser

An inexpensive solution to increase range of motion at the shoulder joint and shoulder girdle used in rehabilitation of the shoulder. Affordable, simple and effective, this shoulder therapy exercise pulley system is highly recommended by many physical therapists.

Our Shoulder Pulley comes with rubberized thermoplastic handles, extremely good hand feel that are easy to grip and a door anchor strap. We offer a greater comfort in design and construction with the handles, plus a sturdy adjustable rope and a smoother pulley action that will lead to faster results.



NGL-SP-B-090, Shoulder Pulley, Overdoor Exerciser

Our Pulley is simple to use, quick and easy setup – the arm pulley system can be anchored at any point along a door jamb to allow for a wide range of different exercises from multiple angles. It is simply by placing the strap between a door and door jam and close the door, providing trouble free use in the home or in a professional care environment.

The adjustable rope length gives it great versatility in terms of the number of exercises that can be performed, while the robust design makes it a highly durable and certainly an effective piece of shoulder physiotherapy equipment. The pulley comes with basic traction hardware that fits over most doors, easy to assemble and store when not in use.


The Needs for Shoulder Pulley Treatment 

  • The Pulley is designed to help alleviate the pain of conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder syndrome. It can also be used to gently strengthen weak shoulder, arm and chest muscles, and as an injury prevention tool as well.
  • Using it for physical therapy to increase your patients strength and improve range of motion that helps reduce stiffness following surgery or injury.Ideally used if your patients are suffering from a general weakness or lack of flexibility in one or both shoulders. Working out as a passive exercise tool for the elderly or those suffering from bad shoulder joints.
  • Using it to develop strength and mobility in the user’s upper body, particularly the arms and shoulder joints. Remaining strong or reducing stiffness and pain after surgery can help with healing and regaining strength.

Doing Exercises for Physical Therapy

A series of 7 shoulder pulley exercises is suggested to gradually rehabilitate an injured shoulder.  

For shoulder rehab do the exercises twice a day. You can do 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise. Hold the stretch in the final position for about 10 seconds.

Recommend to only move on to the next exercise when feeling comfortable to do so. If the motion is very limited users should spend several days just on the first exercise before starting the second. Or if users already have good motion, then may be able to do all the exercises from the outset.

In these images, the left side shoulder is the one in need of rehab.

Exercise 1

In the first shoulder pulley exercise, your chair faces the door square on, with the door anchor fixed over the door. The uninjured arm pulls the injured arm, gently stretching it forwards and up. Hold in the final position for 15 seconds and then lower the arm.

Exercise 2

Once you are comfortable with the first exercise, you can turn your chair 90 degrees and conduct the same exercise from the side. Gradually let your shoulder stretch and increase its range of motion as you desire.

Exercise 3 

When you feel that your range of motion has improved, you can turn the chair so you’re facing away from the door. Using the uninjured arm, lift the injured arm up directly in front of you, holding in the final position for about 15 seconds.



Exercise 4

The next step is to adjust the angle of your arm from your body to 45 degrees. Perform the same movement at this angle, stretching the arm as high as you can without too much pain. Always hold in the final position for at least 10 seconds.

Exercise 5

Next, move your arm so that it’s at 90 degrees from your body, then do the same exercise in this position.

Exercise 6

The next exercise is done in a standing position. Lift the injured arm behind your back, as the picture. Start off slowly with only small movements and gradually increase the range of motion.


Exercise 7

Once you have gained a good level of mobility, can begin with rotational shoulder exercises. Standing side on to the door, pull the affected arm so that it is rotating outwards, again holding in the final position and gradually increasing the range of motion.

Do not let your shoulder hunch up or move forward. Maintain a natural upright posture, and keep your elbow fixed at your side. Holding a rolled-up towel between your elbow and body will help with this.

These are the basic shoulder rehab exercises with our shoulder pulley, believe could help effectively increase your range of motion and relieve shoulder pain.

Shoulder Stretching Exercises (1) 

As in exercises 3-5 above, sit facing away from the door with the pulley wedged into the upper edge of the door frame. Begin passive exercise first with your arms directly in front of you. 

Shoulder stretching exercises (2) 

Continue from the Exercise (1) with your arms directly in front of you and then with your arms to the side –


Perform the exercises as a continuous movement – first stretching one arm up, holding for a few seconds, then switching to the other side. Continue the movements as long as you feel comfortable.

Depending on your height, adjustment of the length of the rope may be required by changing the position of the knot under the handle.

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Additional information


Reinforced nylon rope, durable, lustre and adjustable

Rope length

88 cm for one side, adjustable


Durable black rubbized high density polyethene


A 2.5 cm X 15 cm black woven nylon strap


Durable white food grade nylon, 45mm diameter

Product weight

145 grams


Bulk packed in a clear vinyl zip bag or customed packing

Shoulder pulley design

OEM and ODM are welcome