NGL-MTW-WD-1224 ( Moist & Dry Electric Heating Pad)

NGL-MTW-WD-1224 ( Moist & Dry Electric Heating Pad)

Soft-Touch Flannel 12″x24″ ( Navy Blue) 

Many people may experience muscle pain after a long day at the office. Keystrokes and mouse clicks still involve movement, these actions, among others, can stress and strain our muscles, leading to stiffness, soreness and pain.

Pain of any sort is the way the body signals that something is wrong. Even mild muscle pain, if chronic or recurring, could point to a significant problem. So, when it comes to muscle pain, it’s always important to pay close attention.




NGL-MTW-WD-1224 (Moist & Dry Electric Heating Pad)

Soft-Touch Flannel 12″x24″ (Navy Blue) 

Heat is commonly used in physical therapy following exercise induced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Most heat modalities used in a clinical setting for DOMS are only applied for 5 to 20 minutes. This minimal heat exposure causes little, if any, change in deep tissue temperature. For this reason, long duration dry chemical heat packs are used at home to slowly and safely warm tissue and reduce potential heat damage while reducing pain associated from DOMS. Clinically, it has been shown that moist heat penetrates deep tissue faster than dry heat. Therefore, in home use chemical moist heat may be more efficacious than dry heat to provide pain relief and reduce tissue damage following exercise DOMS.

Numerous research results showed that immediate application of heat, either dry (8 hours application) or moist (2 hours application), had a similar preservation of quadriceps muscle strength and muscle activity. Results also revealed that the greatest pain reduction was shown after immediate application of moist heat.

This concluded that moist heat had not only similar benefits of dry heat but in some cases enhanced benefits, and with only 25% of the time of application of the dry heat.

Advantages of the Product – 

  • Muscle Pain Relief – This DRY and MOIST heating pad provides temporary relief from pain associated with muscle strains and sprains, joint problems and inflammation.
  • Back Pain Relief – The heating pad temporarily relieves back pain caused by overexertion, stress and strain.
  • User Friendly – Single sliding button controller makes a simple and effective control when operates.
  • Versatile – The user can choose from low, medium or high heat settings and choose of either moist heat (moisture is generated via a removable sponge) or dry heat.
  • Heat Up Quickly – This Pad can heat up quickly for fast pain relief.
  • The warming pad is portable for home, office and travel use.

Main Features

  • Fast Heating & 3 Heating Levels – The electric heating pad features 3 heat settings 0-1-2-3-0 that can heat up quickly. This can accommodate your different needs to get more comfortable and instant heat therapy experience.
  • Consistent and Safe Heat Keeps You Warm – The heating pad is designed to the PVC heating pad with the fabric cover for uniform heating.
  • Heat & Moist Therapy – The heat pad features large size (12″x24″) to warm your larger body areas, relieving your pain from fatigue. It is also suitable for women physiological period. MOIST HEAT is particularly useful treating of muscle spasms from strain and tension.
  • Easy Cleaning & Convenient Portable – Ultra-soft flannel cover provides both great thermal conductivity and maximum comfort. It is machine washable and its softness makes it easy to store.
  • The Heating Pad has over-heat setting for protection and for safety use.

Care Instructions – 

Remove cloth cover over the heating pad. To keep the cover in good condition and clean, wash it with mild soap in lukewarm water and drip dry to keep it fluffy.

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Additional information

Surface cover material

High quality soft touch flannel, durable and nice-looking. It is machine washable and easy to store.

Electric pad material

High quality & sturdy polyvinyl material

Product dimension

12" X 24"

Main feature

Sliding switch for easier control; 3-heat settings; absorbant sponge for moist heat; moist & dry heat application; auto over-heat setting & control


10 units per carton