NGL-MTW14000 (Standard Massage Table Warmer/Electric Blanket)

NGL-MTW14000 (Standard Massage Table Warmer/Electric Blanket)

Standard Massage Table Warmer/Electric Blanket NGL-MTW14000

This warmer provides relaxing and warmth for your clients when massaging as they relax under your capable hands. The heat that massage table warmer emits can relax your clients’ muscles that may be tight from the everyday business or physical injury.

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Standard Massage Table Warmer/Electric Blanket, NGL-MTW14000

This table warmer combines advanced technology and craftsmanship.

The exterior is made of fine spun polyester. It has a very nice looking, fresh and shiny. It is easy to be washed and also dried quickly as any moisture lies on the surface, as the fabric itself does not wick the moisture and perspiration. Also the tight woven fabric structure of the product keeps the heat trapped inside. Therefore, this product should keep you warmer for longer.

This material is not as breathable as cotton, however, the fact that one of the main qualities this polyester fabric is heat retention. 

For more, this exterior fabric material, being a synthetic fiber, is a less expensive option that keeps the product cost competitive in the market. It has many benefits that cotton does not. It has strong fibers that do not wear down as quickly, while being flexible and resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. Also it is a kind of material that has a high level of water resistance whilst cotton is a highly absorbent fabric that will soak in any moisture.

The product structure is incorporated with high quality double-layer helix heating wires. It boosts sound insulating properties, with safety and reliability.  It is equipped with temperature control type pad switch for the purpose of pre-heating. It can heat up very quickly and evenly, leaving no cold patches anywhere, a handy benefit of being able to set the timer for 8 hours.

Full size massage table warmer with corner elastic table positioning straps. Keeps your client comfortably warm during the massage.


It provides the most luxurious massage experience available to your clients. Specific details include 5 adjustable heat settings, auto over-heat protection. When set to higher temperature, it will reset to low temp after about 45 minutes of use. This is a safety feature and can just reset to high setting if needed.

  • Full Size 31″ x 71″ standard polyester type massage table warmer.
  • With the rated power of 70W and rated voltage of 110V, 60Hz and 220VAC, 50 Hz, connected with an appropriate plug, suitable for most countries use.
  • Incorporated with high quality double-layer helix heating wires to enhance its performance.
  • A prolonged 12 foot power cord helps you reach your massage table even if the outlet is far away.
  • 5 adjustable heat settings, 4 timer settings.
  • Auto over-heat protection with the maximum temperature of about 88 degrees F. and you can flexibility set the time from 1-8 hours.
  • Auto over-heat Protection – protects your clients, practice and home from accidents and injury.
  • High quality and durable elastic straps – 2 elastic straps on each side so that you could secure the warmer pad in place, and also can prevent slippage.

Ideal For:

  • Hot or Warm Massage Techniques
  • Practitioners Who Practice in Cold Environments
  • Clients who are sensitive to the cold

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