NGL-07-03 (Oedema Finger Sleeve, Compression, Varies Sizes)

NGL-07-03 (Oedema Finger Sleeve, Compression, Varies Sizes)

Edema Finger Sleeve, NGL-07-03

Compression treatment reduces swelling caused by a build up of lymph fluid (lymphoedema). It puts pressure on the area of swelling. The pressure helps the trapped lymph fluid to flow through the lymph vessels. Compression finger sleeves are simply designed by applying pressure to fingers to keep lymph moving in the right direction.  

Research studies may not yet looked at the effectiveness of compression sleeves alone in treating lymphedema. However, experts have found them to be effective as part of the overall treatment plan.

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Edema Finger Sleeve, NGL-07-03

Our finger sleeve is a value added product used for isolated oedema in the finger area.

The tapered Elastic Finger Sleeves provide gentle compression on the finger in order to reduce swelling and oedema. The sleeve is also great for athletes to wear after minor finger injuries. They are ideal for use on fingers affected by lymphedema, fractures, jams, and sports injuries.

 The sleeves can be used alone or in conjunction with the glove to provide optimized edema control. They are made of the same nylon-spandex material as the gloves. Its material and sleeve structure make it possible to cut the length without fraying the seam.

Unique Features:

  • Made of super smooth fabric with a super-stretch panel for excellent conformity and maximum comfort. 
  • Helps control hypertrophic scarring and edema.
  • Sleeves are tighter at the bottom than they are at the top. This helps create the graded (or “gradient”) pressure that keeps the lymph moving out of the arm. They provide even pressure from the tip to the base of the digit.
  • Seam is sewn on the outside for extra comfort.
  • For sizes falling in the overlap range, suggest using the smaller size to provide more pressure or the larger size for less pressure.
  • These can be cut to desired length, will not fray. 




Distal circumference, A

Proximal circumference, B



20-30 mm

40-55 mm



30-40 mm

50-65 mm



40-50 mm

60-75 mm



50-60 mm

70-85 mm

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