NGL-07-2-011/NGL-07-2-012 (Universal Oedema Compression Glove)

NGL-07-2-011/NGL-07-2-012 (Universal Oedema Compression Glove)

Universal Oedema Compression Glove, NGL-07-2-011 and NGL-07-2-012

Compression therapy refers to benefits gained from using specialized gloves, sleeves, or garments to manage chronic aches and pain or discomfort. Perhaps the most important effect that compression provides is the delivery of managed and gentle pressure on joints. These work to improve blood flow through the affected area and additionally reduce swelling or pain.

Generally, compression therapy is especially useful for managing tired and aching joints and limbs, swelling, varicose veins, post-thrombotic syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or lymphedema. 

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Universal Oedema Compression Glove, NGL-07-2-011 and NGL-07-2-012

Our Oedema Gloves are a useful orthopaedic aid that provides gentle compression to help control Oedema. The glove is made of medical grade soft compression material sewn with outside seams for increased comfort. This can provide gentle, soft tissue compression to help reduce swelling to minimize hypertrophic scarring from burns and other traumatic injuries. 

A light compression during a limited time is something that there are needs for edema treatment in hand rehabilitation. The glove is made of a new skin friendly material with good compression to optimize the function of the glove. It is made of a new skin friendly material with higher comfort and good compression to optimize the function of the glove. The seaming is stitched together with open over-lock stitching to enable easier adjustments. 


  • This is an universal glove that fits with left and right hands, making stock keeping easier with the amount of gloves stored more flexible.
  • It has been stitched together with open over-lock stitch to make adjustments easier.
  • The glove is elastic and porous materials with 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. The material has been improved to provide a higher comfort and compression. The soft, silky polyamide and spandex as the material, then sew with high density stitching on the outside, these enhance smoother oedema control, durability and comfort. 
  • The glove is made from the same compression giving and comfortable lycra material as our other gloves.
  • The lower part of the glove can be seal-less to work optimal for a swollen arm.
  • The elastic seams have been upgraded with higher stretching for an optimal fit over muscle.
  • The finger lengths have been optimized which enable patients feel more comfortable.
  • The support over the Thenar muscle has also been optimized.
  • It gives warmth and compression for soothing soft tissue oedema and arthritic joint pain.
  • This can provide 15 to 30 mm Hg of soft, gentle, even compression to edematous tissue.
  • It can be used both day time and night time. Its design structure enables an easy adjustment.
  • The glove can be machine washed with laundry bag, air dry, do not tumble.

Glove Material: 

The material is kind of high strength polyamide. This synthetic fiber is stretchy, durable and very resistant to wear and chemical reagents. It features better moisture absorption properties than other synthetic materials, but is sensitive to sunlight.

This is blended with spandex, an elastane which is a synthetic elastomeric fiber consisting of a long chain polymer called polyurethane. It is elastic, and even when stretched to three times its initial length, the fabric will immediately return to its original form as soon as the tensile force is eliminated.  Nylon blended with elastane ensures its high elasticity, the glove made with this material ensures that it provides a comfortable and snug fit around the hands.

An Option of Foam Type Comfort Pad

To further increase the functionality and comfort of the glove, a special comfort pad made of viscoelastic foam is added. This foam is latex free, allergic prove, has a higher volar pressure at the MCP-joints and/or transversal arch distal/proximal. This is undoubtedly a good companion to our gloves. There are two types of foam pads with density 40 kg per m3 AND 55KG per m3 .  






Circumference around the MCP joints




15-18 cm




18-20 cm




20-22 cm




22-24 cm




24-27 cm

Indications: Edema treatment after post trauma or stroke.

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