NGL-03-1-015 & NGL-03-1-016 & NGL-03-1-017 & NGL-03-1-018 – Polylastic Nylatex Wrap 4″ width X 18″/36″/48″/60″ long

NGL-03-1-015 & NGL-03-1-016 & NGL-03-1-017 & NGL-03-1-018 – Polylastic Nylatex Wrap 4″ width X 18″/36″/48″/60″ long

Our Polylastic Therapeutic Treatment Wraps are made from high end polyester-rubberized materials bonded and synthesized from advanced lamination technology. They are particularly stretchable for a variety of compression, positioning and supporting purposes.

The Wraps are re-usable, very durable, allergic prove in good appearance.

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Polylastic Nylatex Therapeutic Treatment Wrap

NGL-03-1-015 & NGL-03-1-016 & NGL-03-1-017 & NGL-03-1-018  –  4″ wide X 18″ / 36″ / 48″ / 60″ long X 2.5mm thick

The 4-inch width Therapeutic Wraps, thickness 2.5mm each feature a securing hook-and-Loop Velcro tab fastening anywhere on polyester pile side that enable attaching anywhere along the wrap to attain flexibility in use.

Ideally for painless and effective gripping action, look to our Therapy Wraps as the hardworking, durable and economical alternative to tape or other conventional elastic wraps. There are 4 product lengths available for wide applications and are fully adjustable.


Unique Features

  • The Wraps are reusable, they provide firm compression to ensure good contact even in challenging positions.
  • Unlike ordinary adhesive tape, they grip itself, not your skin. Velcro tab fastens anywhere on polyester pile side of wrap that creates a strong bonding to provide maximum support. They can different areas and contours of the patient’s body for virtually flexible application.
  • They will not slip and hold firmly in place comfortably and securely yet you can remove them safely. They are stronger than a heavy-duty bandage with Velcro strips on both ends.
  • The whole length of Wraps is fully adjustable, hook attaches to any point on the polyester pile.
  • The material can be hand or machine washed and is mildew resistant.
  • Reliable and comfortable.


  • The product provide a variety of compression, positioning and supporting purposes. Wrap and firmly hold most ice packs or dressings.
  • Securely holds ice bags, cold packs, steam packs or hot & cold compresses in even the most difficult positions.
  • Use Wraps to immobilize or support an injury comfortably.
  • Ideal for holding muscle stimulator electrodes in place for TENS, EMS and other similar applications or dressings as well.
  • A selectable choice of replacing neoprene wraps for wrist, elbow, ankle, knee and back supports.
  • Apply it in making basic arm slings and elbow wraps on orthopedic applications.

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Additional information

Product dimension

Polylastic Nylatex Therapeutic Treatment Wraps are 2.5mm thick, the dimensions are –

– 4 inch X 18 inch
– 4 inch X 36 inch
– 4 inch X 48 inch
– 4 inch X 60 inch

Product color

Lime blue

Edge seaming

Enhanced closed loop lock stitching for extra durability

Why Polyester as material to nylon –

Nylon (Polyamide) and polyester (Polyethylene Naphthalate) are both abrasion resistant and resistant to daThey both are synthetic materials and are flame retardant, but polyester is more heat-resistant.

Polyester is comparatively easier to wash, mildew-resistant. It can be dried on low heat cycle and can be ironed as well as dry-cleaned usually.

Polyester is better in UV Resistance.

Both materials tend to be wrinkle-resistant, but polyester more so, it does not stretch of shrink, and is a crisp, resilient fabric whether wet or dry.

Advantages of using Latex as material

Latex – Natural Latex is a product from Mother Nature, produced from the sap of the rubber tree. In its useful forms, natural rubber boasts a large stretch ratio, high resilience and is extremely waterproof.

Healthy – The latex sap from the rubber tree contains antibacterial compounds, a trait that is transferred to our natural latex mattresses. Furthermore, latex sap is dust mite resistant by nature.

Environmentally Friendly – Tapping a rubber tree to collect the sap will not kill the tree so they continue to remove carbon dioxide from the air for many years to come.

Breathable – The natural open-cell structure of latex allows optimal airflow. Combined with latex’ antimicrobial features this is free from mold and mildew.

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