Terry Cover, Neck Size (Cervical),  All Terry – 24 inch X 9 inch, NGL-02-1-013

  • All moist heat packs must be applied with a cover or a heavy towel to help prevent burning from a moist heat pack
  • Our terry hot pack cover allows therapeutic moist heat to penetrate without burning the skin. Having this can also add greater comfort and sanitation
  • Strong hook and loop fasteners keep hot packs in place,  and packs are easily removed from Velcro enclosures after use
SKU: Terry Cover, Neck Size (Cervical),  All Terry - 24 inch X 9 inch, NGL-02-1-013 Category:


Terry Cover, Neck Contour (Cervical),  All Terry – 24 inch X 9 inch, NGL-02-1-013

Our hot pack covers are made of high quality velour based microfiber fabric with super stitching workmanship for enhanced durability. Microfiber fabric characterizes in good water absorption and with a very soft hand feel can further increase patient comfort.


When using hot packs, no matter after a fitness session or as part of rehabilitation, it is important to protect the client from the very hot heat pack or moist heat pack. If used incorrectly can lead to burns. The packs can simply be covered with a heavy towel, but for added protection, using our hot pack cover is highly recommended.

Our “ALL -TERRY ” lined and “FOAM ” lined terry covers with sizes correspond to all moist heat packs in the line. These covers were designed to allow the therapeutic moist heat to penetrate the deep tissues of the body without burning the skin. Moist heat pack is kept in place with numerous engage-able hook and loop fasteners. The packs are easily removed from these Velcro enclosures to machine wash which can be re-used again.

Full Series of  “All-TERRY” and “POLYURETHANE FOAM” Terry Covers

Our covers are user friendly, can be used by therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers or even individuals for home or institution use.

To reiterate, when applying moist heat packs, terry covers must be used to insulate heat and protect the patient from excessive heat exposure on the treatment area. Full series of “All-TERRY” lined and “POLYURETHANE FOAM” lined terry covers are available that allow professionals to vary the heat intensity by considering layers of insulation on appropriately use of covers.

The whole series of our “ALL TERRY” terry covers are constructed with multi-layer insulated and durable velour based microfiber inside the product. This enables an extra comfort and protection to the treatment area. Particularly for Cervical type All-Terry cover, an ivory polyurethane layer is laminated in the body to give extra comfort and protection.

All our “FOAM FILLED” terry covers are ideal for light clinic use or at home use. It is constructed with a dense polyurethane FOAM layer between the two layers of terry. This provides adequate insulation of heat and protection against excessive heat exposure on the treatment area. This foam layer primarily acts as a buffer between steam and skin to facilitate protection.


  • It helps prevent burning from a moist heat pack which allows therapeutic moist heat to penetrate without burning the skin
  • It is made of high quality velour based microfiber fabric with super stitching workmanship for enhanced durability. Inside it is either multi layers of microfiber terry or polyurethane foam, both can provide adequate protection.
  • The advantage over heavy towel is that towel simply absorbs the heat, our terry cover allows for heat to transfer when using moist heat packs
  • Hook and loop fasteners keep moist heat packs in place. It prevents any unwrapping or slipping during treatment. It is easy for use and easy to remove the packs.
  • Having these add greater comfort and sanitation
  • Our velour based soft microfiber fabric has better water absorption, softer and more comfortable hand feel than cotton type terry covers. These features increase patient comfort.
  • Unlike cotton type terry cover, a kind of natural fiber, it does not retain smell even after numerous uses.
  • Machine washable, reusable and durable
  • Both the “ALL TERRY” lined and ” FOAM” lined terry covers can stand up to heavy-duty institutional use.

Common Sizes, all terry cover :

  • Standard – 20″ x 27″

  • Neck Contour (Cervical) – 9″ x 24″

  • Oversize – 24″ x 36″

  • Half Size – 12″ x 15″

Full series of terry covers are available that are tailored fit with moist heat packs. Microfiber structured terry covers offer even greater comfort and sanitation.

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Additional information

Fabric material

Made of high quality velour based fine combed microfiber, terry brushed with heavy gauge nylon stitching for enhanced durability. It is 80% polyester/20% polyamide blended.
Microfiber is a kind of synthetic fiber finer than one denier or decitex/thread, having a diameter of less than ten micrometers. It is 80% polyester and 20 polyamide blended.
This unique fabric blend is used to create ultra-soft fabric and smooth surface texture that can let a very smooth and luxurious feel.
Because of its structure with the small weaving of thread, this allows it to be much more stain resistant than other fabrics.

Advantages of microfiber material

Soft to the touch
Can be treated with anti-bacterial chemicals
Long-lasting if cared for properly

Advantages of microfiber over cotton for terry cover

This fabric has specific characteristics than cotton type terry covers, including softness, toughness, absorption, water repellency, and filtering capabilities. All these make it a highly durable and stain resistant fabric that needs little to no stain removal upon washing.
In the meantime, unlike cotton type terry cover which is kind of natural fiber, it does not retain smell even after numerous uses.

Velcro material

Enhanced durable washable nylon hook and loop fasteners. They are lightweight, exceptional strength, abrasion resistant and easy to wash.

Lamination on cervical cover, all terry

It is environmental friendly Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Product color

Lime green, light tan


Bulk packed in polybag, a product upc code label put on bag surface

Quantity per carton

30 pieces per carton

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