NGL-GB-602 (Clinical Stool without seat-back)

NGL-GB-602 (Clinical Stool without seat-back)

Clinical Stool without Seat-back, NGL–GB-602

  • To ensure the comfort and efficiency of medical personnel, high-quality hospital stools are a must and no health care facility can do without.
  • Our stools can bring you a wide array of sturdy, hard-wearing options for health care clinics, hospitals, private practices, operating rooms, and more.
  • Ideal for surgical, anesthesiology and reconstructive procedures, offering the ultimate in ergonomic performance.


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Clinical Stool without seat-back, NGL–GB-602

Why sitting in motion is important – The vertebral chain only works when the pelvis is in a state of unstable balance. Balancing of the pelvis enables balancing of the vestibular-kinaesthetic system.

The following processes are involved in particular:

  • The movement of the spine changes regularly.
  • The intervertebral discs are constantly nourished.
  • The complex muscles of the back are stimulated and strengthened.
  • The more than 100 joints of the spine are kept moving.

Furthermore, active-dynamic sitting activates your sense of balance and movement functions. This puts you in a better position to be aware of your posture and control it.

In addition, sitting in motion keeps your body’s neurophysiological functions “awake”; the nerve metabolism is stimulated, which makes you more alert and helps you concentrate better.

Product features: 

Item No:  NGL-GB-602
Description:  Clinical Stool
Seat Diameter 35 cm
Packaging: 1 pc/Carton  
Carton Dimension: 52X18X51cm
Net weight: 4.75 kg
Gross weight: 5.75 kg
Material : PVC leather,  sponge of 8 cm thickness, high density
Color: Available in any color

Additional information

Export carton dimension

52cm X 18cm X51cm

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