NGL-3019 (Neoprene Thumb Splint Brace)

NGL-3019 (Neoprene Thumb Splint Brace)

Neoprene Thumb Splint Brace, NGL-3019

Hand and wrist injuries can range from the acute (normally associated with sudden trauma) to the chronic (often resulting from overuse or repeated motion). This Thumb Splint Brace helps treat or prevent common injuries and ailments such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Acute/Chronic Irritation – Pain of the Wrist, Postoperative Irritation/Pain, Post-traumatic Irritation/Pain, Tendonitis.

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Neoprene Thumb Splint Brace, NGL-3019


  • Wrist thumb trauma

  • Scaphoid injuries and ligament strains.

  • Ideal for arthritic conditions and weak, injured or sore thumbs. Helps provide relief of thumb pain without limiting hand movement.

  • Lightweight and breathable.

Features and Benefits:

  • Both aluminum stays can be shaped for custom fit

  •  Moderate compression for thumb and wrist

  • Inner wrap always an adequate protection of skin against Velcro strap

  • Maximum hand function with maximum thumb immobilization – A less cumbersome open palm design allows for full finger mobility to perform daily activities while insert Isolates and limits thumb movement to help hold the thumb in place.  

  • Supports and protect – Trim Thumb strap length to wrap only around the IP thumb joint to continue wrapping further down toward the MP Thumb joint





NGL-3019 XS-L/R


NGL-3019 S-L/R


NGL-3019 M-L/R


NGL-3019 L-L/R


NGL-3019 XL-L/R


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