NGL-2005 (Universal Adjustable Lace-up Wrist Brace)

NGL-2005 (Universal Adjustable Lace-up Wrist Brace)

Universal Adjustable Lacing Up Wrist Brace, NGL-2005

It provides great support and comfort for wrist and thumb injuries, DeQuervain’s Tendonitis, strains and sprains of the MCP joint, basal joint arthritis, advanced carpal tunnel syndrome and cumulative trauma disorders of the thumb and wrist.

Lace-Up Wrist Support for carpal tunnel syndrome, post-operative stabilization, after cast removal, wrist sprains, and tendonitis. Removable contoured volar stay is adjustable to allow proper wrist positioning. Patients with limited dexterity will benefit from easy, slip-on application. 



Lace-up Wrist Brace, NGL-2005

Adjustable Universal Lacing Up Wrist Brace


  • Post-cast healing and soft tissue injuries, Tendonitis

  • Post-operative stabilization

  • Wrist sprains and strains

  • For carpal tunnel syndrome, post-operative stabilization, after cast removal, wrist sprains and tendonitis


  • Thumb Spica with Adjustable thumb stay, a removable contoured volar stay makes well fit with the product.

  • Thumb cut-out: allows better position.

  • Quick-lace closure and easy slip-on for easy application.

  • Super comfortable and light weight, easy to adjust wrist / thumb support brace.

  • Adjustable of single pull lacing allow one-hand application. Unique size system fits for most wrists.

  • Perforated suede material provides exception product durability, cooler to wear.

  • Polypropylene felt provides maximum patient comfort, wicks moisture away from skin, It’s a very comfortable adjustable universal lacing up wrist brace.


  • Size:  Adult/Pediatric

  • Brand: OEM/ODM

  • Packing: Primary Packaging Poly-bag

  • Final Packing: Carton

  •  Certification: CE/ISO13485/FDA

  • Carton Dimension Approx.:: 62*55*41cm

  • Quantity/carton : 300 pieces

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