NGL-05-1-011, Microbeads Moist Heat And Cold Therapy Pack, NOVOBead™, Small 5″ X 12″

NGL-05-1-011, Microbeads Moist Heat And Cold Therapy Pack, NOVOBead™, Small 5″ X 12″

Our NOVOBead Moist Heat and Cold Therapy Wrap is a natural and drug free method to help relieve muscular aches and pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cramping, headaches, and more.

This SMALL SIZE PACK is made with an olive blue suede fabric cover that is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin. Anti-migration dots keep beads evenly distributed throughout the pack for more consistent coverage.





Microbeads Moist Heat and Cold Therapy Pack, NOVOBead™, Small 5″ X 12″, Microwavable & Chilling 

The fillers of the Packs are purified novo silica beads, a natural and effective method that help treat muscular aches and more. The PACK provides heat at the correct temperature level needed for effective therapy. It delivers deep penetrating moist heat therapy to help relax sore muscles prior to professional treatment. Patients and clients alike enjoy the benefits of reduced pain, reduced stiffness in painful joint, then increased range of motion.

Not only can this moist heat and cold pack be used to increase comfort, for more like after a difficult fitness training or rehabilitation session, scientific researchers have found using these can generate multiple therapeutic benefits that can aid recovery for diverse injuries and chronic conditions. 

Main Features:

  • The high-quality suede fabric of novo beads with finest and sturdy stitching brings soft to the touch and particularly gentle on skin. Patients will feel extra comfort when in use.
  • Fine crafted shape and dimensions help keep beads evenly distributed and packs easy to manage.
  • Temperature Release: slow and steady, bring extra comfort for patients.
  • Pack is reusable, washable, contains no latex, suitable for home and clinic.

Applications for Use:

Novo beads characterize moisture absorption from the air and release it when heated, deliver warm penetrating relief to patients for moist heat therapy. The beads inside continuous adsorb moisture from the air, purifies and holds it until microwaving releases it as “clean” deeply penetrating moist heat. 

For Moist Heat Therapy: Place the pack into a clean microwave oven. If it is necessary to fold the pack to fit into your microwave, then fold it loosely. Halfway through the heating cycle, remove it and reverse the fold. Continue heating for the remaining time.
Begin by heating for 1 minute (60 seconds). Remove the product from the microwave and touch test. If additional heat is required continue to heat in 15 second intervals until the desired temperature is achieved. Packs can then maintain therapeutic temperature for 20 minutes.

After treatment, the beads rejuvenate themselves naturally by recovering moisture from the air.


Most experts recommend moist heat over dry heat to help relieve pain. When comparing these two methods, moist heat penetrates deeper into the affected area and helps increase tissue elasticity. It is also less likely to cause skin dehydration, making it ideal for patients with dry and/or aging skin.

  • Soothing- Drug-free, scent-free, soothing moist heat therap. Safely and effectively providing heat therapy.
  • Less likely to cause skin dehydration, making it ideal for patients with dry and/or aging skin.
  • Hypoallergenic – novo silica beads do not support the growth of bacteria or contain common allergens like herbal or grain-based packs.
  • No Migration – Structural design to keep beads evenly distributed throughout the pack.
  • Comfortable – Soft, comfort suede fabric, friendly to skin touch
  • Soft packs conform easily to body contours. Available in various sizes well suited for most treatment areas.
  • Latex free, Inhibits odors, mildew


Overheating may cause injury. Heat 30 seconds on high heat, knead, and then continue heating at 10 second intervals until desired temperature is reached. Knead after each heating. 
Please note: As microwave ovens vary in power and heat always touch test the product after each heating interval to determine safe and uniform heat levels prior to applying to treatment area.
When used for moist heat 3 or 4 times continuously, a decrease in moisture output may occur. Simply let the product rest for 2 to 3 hours.

Besides moist heat function, this microbeads pack can also be applied for cold therapy.


COLD THERAPY produces vasoconstriction; decreasing the blood circulation. Slowing the blood flow and other fluids into the injured tissue can reduce swelling, muscle spasm, pain and inflammation.

Cold therapy is commonly used to relieve acute pain (approximately the first 3-5 days of an acute injury).


  • Relieve pain due to sprains & injured muscle
  • Relieve pain due to minor burns and bruises
  • Reduce swelling and fever
  • Relieve minor headaches
  • Relieve minor joint and tendon pain
  • Relieve pain due to bites and sting


  • Place pack in freezer for at least 2 hours or more.
  • Knead contents and apply to affected area. Wrap to personal comfort level.
  • Monitor skin during application to avoid frostbite.

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