NGL-LJE-1, Hydrocollator Stationery Heating Unit

NGL-LJE-1, Hydrocollator Stationery Heating Unit

Hydrocollator Stationery Heating Unit (NGL-LJE-1)

Physical fitness is one thing everyone struggles with today. Especially in this era of white-collar jobs and people are rarely getting enough time to exercise. One of the pieces of equipment helping put healthy path is the hydrocollator pack.

And this hydrocollator unit, a tailored design heating tank consists of a thermostatically controlled water bath is where bentonite clay-filled heating packs are kept and heated.



Hydrocollator Stationery Heating Unit (NGL-LJE-1)

This unit is specially designed for warming up hot packs, keeping them warm. It maintains a consistent temperature 160° to 165°F (71°–74°C).

Features  – 

This NGL-LJE-1 table top unit is easy to maintain without the need for any special plumbing and is simple to fill and drain. This durable stainless steel water tank consists of a thermostatically controlled water bath where bentonite clay-filled hot packs are housed. With constantly thermostatically controlled, it ensures the ideal therapeutic temperature is set for the packs. 

  • Dependable, rugged stainless-steel design
  • Simple to fill with water, no plumbing required
  • Constant temperature of hot packs is maintained
  • Designed for stationery, not movable

 Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply AC 110V/220 V
  • Rated Frequency 60Hz/50 Hz
  • Power Consumption 1000 W
  • Tank Capacity 15 L
  • Filled Weight 25 Kg
  • Temperature Range 71℃-74℃
  • Thermal Cut-out Temperature 82℃-85℃
  • Heating Up Time to 70℃ – 2 Hours
  • Cool Down Time From 70℃ – 1 Hour
  • Safety Class:  Class 1,  Type B
  • Dimensions 41 cm H x 33 cm L x 20 cm W
  • Product Weight 5.1 Kg
  • Shipping Weight 7.3 Kg
  • Product material   Stainless Steel AISI 304

This NGL-LJE-1 Stationary Heating Unit is to supply together with 4 standard moist heat packs or 3 standard, 1 cervical or 2 standard, 2 cervical moist heat packs.


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Safety Precautions

Do not operate this unit in an environment where other devices are being used that intentionally radiates electromagnetic energy in an unshielded manner. Portable and mobile RF communications equipment can affect medical electrical equipment.

The Hydrocollator Heating Unit generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to other devices in the vicinity. Harmful interference to other devices can be determined by turning the Hydrocollator Heating Unit on and off. 

  • The water temperature in the Hydrocollator Heating Unit is approximately 60° F (71° C), and the water scalding temperature is approximately 120° F (49° C).
  • Care must be taken when operating the Hydrocollator Heating Unit adjacent to or stacked with other equipment.
  • The Hydrocollator Heating Unit should be placed on a smooth, level surface. The surface should support up to the Filled Weight (weight of heating unit filled with water).
  • Never adjust the thermostat too high. The thermostat is extremely sensitive and the slightest adjustment will alter the temperature several degrees. The recommended operation temperature is 160° F to 165° F (71° to 74° C). The temperature of the water should be checked with a thermometer after every adjustment, before using the hot pack. Always allow sufficient time for the water temperature to stabilize.
  • The Hydrocollator Heating Unit should not be installed above a surface that is susceptible to casual water damage.
  • Always keep the water level over the top of the hot packs to avoid burning or scorching of the packs.
  • Always destroy and replace hot packs which are exposed to contamination – hazardous or cleaning materials, bodily fluids, mold, etc.
  • Check water level daily as it has a natural loss due to evaporation.
  • Clean the tank as described in the maintenance portion of at least every 2 weeks.
  • Check unit periodically for signs of leaking and contact service if leaks are noted.
  • Always replace hot packs as soon as they show signs of wear.
  • If the unit is to be left unattended for a period of time, unplug the unit, remove the packs, empty the water, and clean the tank.
  • Do not move the Heating Unit while filled with heated water. Tipping over could result in burns to the user or others.
  • Always unplug the Heating Unit from the power source before attempting to empty water from unit.
  • This unit should be operated, transported, and stored in temperatures between 0° F and 140° F (-18° C and 60° C) and with relative humidity ranging from 10% – 100%.

Care for Use – 

These are simple steps to ensure that the Hydrocollator Heating Unit remains in good condition.

  • Excessive chlorine can be detrimental to the stainless steel in the Hydrocollator Heating Unit. No bleach or any cleaner with high chlorine content should be used under any circumstance.
  • Clean regularly for optimal service and operation.
  • Fill daily with water. Water is constantly lost during operation due to evaporation.
  • Chlorine in regular tap water may be present in high enough concentrations to damage the unit. If you suspect high levels of chlorine are detected in the Hydrocollator Heating Unit, the addition of a dechlorinated agent is recommended.
  • Certain additives (such as herbal teas, essential oils, etc.) will damage the hot packs and components of the heating unit, including the stainless steel.
  • The Hydrocollator Heating Unit was designed to heat water and hot packs only.
  • Inspect heating element for pitting and other visible damage during regular cleaning intervals.
  • Inspect power cord for wear, fraying, and other visible damage during regular cleaning intervals.
  • Not recommend the Unit be moved while filled with heated water. Tipping over could result in a burn to the user or others. If the Hydrocollator must be moved while filled, it is strongly recommended to allow the water to cool below 120° F (49° C) before moving the unit.
  • Always unplug the Hydrocollator Heating Unit from the power source before attempting to empty water from unit.

Care of Moist Heat Packs on Hydrocollator Unit 

  • Always return the packs to the hot water of the heating unit after each treatment. There it is heated, kept clean, and ready for immediate use. The packs may be boiled; however, this hastens the deterioration of the pack. The pack may also be cleaned by scrubbing the pack with soap and water.
  • A simplified method of keeping the pack clean is to keep it immersed in water. Never allow the hot packs to dry after use.
  • When the pack begins to wear out, the filler oozes and leaks through the fabric of the cloth; sections of the pack appear to be loose and empty and will not retain heat properly. The pack should be replaced when it reaches this state.

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