NGL-09-1-013, Moist Heat and Cold Pad, Microwave and Chilling, Flaxseed infill, NOVOSeed™, 5”X26” Neck & Shoulder

NGL-09-1-013, Moist Heat and Cold Pad, Microwave and Chilling, Flaxseed infill, NOVOSeed™, 5”X26” Neck & Shoulder

Microwavable 5” x26″ Fragrant Moist Heating Pad, Aroma Warmer for Pain Relief of Shoulder, Neck, back and lower back from Flaxseed Natural Therapy.

Moist Heat Therapy for Pain Relief – Our reusable microwavable 5” X 26” heating pad is filled with natural flaxseed that holds temperature better than rice, providing deep and penetrating moist heat that helps reduce muscle discomfort and accelerating muscle recovery.



It is designed to relieve stress of the neck, and shoulder pain. Moreover, effectively relief pain for back, venous pressure, arm, lower back, knee joints and cramps. Its basic long and slim shape helps it adapt well to various body parts.  

  • Natural Flaxseed Filling: Like corn, wheat, rice or bean fillings, our flaxseed filling creates a moist heating pad. This filling enables optimal comfort and helps the wrap conform to your unique form while retaining its original shape.
  • Fragrant filled- Adding of fragrant scent provides a fresh smell to relieve your stresses away while indulging in the relaxing fragrant aroma.
  • Cover Material – A fine grade of blended soft polyester/linen on one layer, and a premium grade fleece soft touch fabric on the other appropriately applied for hot and cold therapy. Microwavable and durable fleece over the exterior feel soft on the skin that looks nicely on-the-go.
  • Microwavable flaxseeds inside the pad weigh just enough to feel soothing without burdening already tender structures.
  • Extra Long Pads: This measures at 5”X26” for extra comfort. The pad is particularly soft, can be packed easily in bags for use as a heat pack for travel cramps, shoulder, or neck pain.

Applications for Use:

  • Heat in the microwave for 60 seconds. If not hot enough, remove and redistribute the pad and add 20 seconds at a time until the desired heat is reached. It may take up to maximum 3 minutes, but microwave ovens vary in heating intensity, so be sure to test the temperature before use. Enjoy up to 20 minutes of moist heat.
  • Use Hot and Cold – In addition to hot therapy, the pad can be placed in the freezer for a relaxing cool down. Simply chill this wrap in the freezer for 2 hours or more ready for use. This can effectively relieve muscle pain or relax muscles. Heat or freeze before use, depending on your condition.
  • Delivers Moist Heat and Cold – Quick to relief muscle stiff, sore joints when warmed, or coolness over acute swellings and inflammation when frozen.
  • Non-electric pad -Allow dependable, drug-free pain relief. This can also be used all year round indoor or outdoor.
  • Cleaning of Pad – Simply hand wash or spot clean with damp towel and air dry.

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