NGL-4009 (Premium Ankle Airliner Walker Boot)

NGL-4009 (Premium Ankle Airliner Walker Boot)

Premium Medical Ankle Airliner Walker Boot, NGL-4009

This Low-Top Walker Boot features a durable but comfortable design that makes it a great solution for a number of less serious foot injuries where a period of rest and immobilization are needed.  

As a short premium Walker Boot, it provides maximum stability and support following injury or post-operative procedures. Orthopedic Air Walker Boot Cast for Ankle Sprains, Fractures and Achilles Tendonitis.

Inflatable bladder incorporated into liner for increased immobilization of the lower leg, ankle and foot.

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Premium Medical Ankle Airliner Walker Boot, NGL-4009

Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated pump designed provides customized compression and support for daily activities while recovering from a toe, foot or ankle injuries.

  • Adjustable air chambers to accommodate changes in edema during rehab, this can also maximize patient compliance with the desired compression adjustment.

  • The liner of this boot for a stress fracture in the foot does not enclose the toe. The open-toe design increases the breathability of the boot for metatarsal stress fractures and it prevents any rubbing of the toes against the end of the boot. This also makes it an ideal walking boot for stress fracture of the toes.

  • Molded plastic uprights with well-shaped slits for fastening of adjustable straps. This can be for better tightening and positioning as to your desired position, then enhance  

  • Design absorbs impact of heel strike with cushioned sole.

  • Lightweight, low profile construction provided stability

  • Wide foot bed for increased stability

  • Designed with an advanced beveled edged sole helps promote a natural gait to assist carrying out daily activities. The shock-absorbing insole promotes more natural walking during use.

  • Crafted with contoured struts provides the greatest surface area contact with balance.

  • Hook and loop strap fastening system for ideal fitness adjustment. 

  • Universal design fits right or left foot.


  • Ankle protection

  • Decrease pain symptoms

  • Improve healing time

  • Immobilization of fractures

  • Improve ambulation during post-op and post-surgery



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NGL – 4009




NGL – 4009




NGL – 4009




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