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Binders, Abdominal, Breast

Binders, Abdominal, Breast


Wearing an elastic abdominal binder (a medical version of a girdle available in most drugstores) may help prevent low blood pressure on standing in people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), according to a research published from an online edition of Movement Disorders Clinical Practice.

Many people with mid- and late-stage PD experience a sharp drop in blood pressure when standing up from a sitting position. This symptom is also common among people living with the atypical parkinsonism known as multiple system atrophy (MSA). The medical term for it is neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (nOH), and it can make a person feel dizzy, lose their balance and fall or even lose consciousness.

This is an important surgical body garment used in the early postoperative phase of surgeries like an abdominal plasty (tummy tuck) or an abdominal liposuction. Our abdominal or elastic binder is a wide compression belt/fabric that encircles your abdomen. Binders are made entirely from an exclusive stretch material, come in many sizes made from strengthened elastic. This is sewn with Velcro hook & loop closures at a point that enables an even and custom compression. This brings an easy adjustment with contact closure that well fit with your use. This is ideal for providing appropriate compression and support for strains and weakness of the abdominal area.

Our binders come in many sizes which is a tailored designed for support after surgery and in specific types of hernias. These may also be used for treatment of back strain acting as secondary dressing. Some styles also offer secondary lumbar support and have straps that hold surgical drainage tubes in place.  

What’s Needed for an Abdominal Binder?

An abdominal binder may be used to speed-up the recovery process after abdominal surgery. Your clients’ doctor may recommend that you wear an abdominal binder after:

  • A caesarean section
  • Bariatric surgery
  • An exploratory laparotomy
  • A hysterectomy
  • A tummy tuck
  • Spinal surgery

A carefully-positioned abdominal binder may be used in people with spinal cord injury to help:

  • Support the abdomen
  • Maintain abdominal pressure
  • Improve respiratory function

It can also be used to speed-up the recovery process after abdominal surgery.  You may wear an abdominal binder after:

A caesarean section

A hysterectomy

Bariatric surgery

Spinal surgery

An exploratory laparotomy

A tummy tuck




Benefits of using our Abdominal/Elastic Binders:

  1. Wearing it may decrease post-operative pain.
  2. May also decrease psychological distress following your procedure.
  3. May promote deep breathing.
  4. May decrease post-operative pain.
  5. May decrease psychological distress following your procedure and may also promote deep breathing.
  6. On the other hand, it reduce bruising, swelling, and the incidences of hematomas following invasive breast procedures.
  7. It is also designed for lesbians or stage show supply and also for sport bra, a strong elastic band chest binder.
  8. All our binders are easy to apply and are comfortable to wear. 

After surgery, our Abdominal or Elastic Binders can: 

  • support your surgical incision
  • relieve pain
  • get you moving more
  • reduce swelling 

Elastic Binders

For many transgender men and gender nonconforming individuals, chest binding can also be an essential part of getting dressed. Whether for personal preferences, body dysphoria, or a sheer desire to fit men’s clothing better, binders are excellent for flattening the chest to create a more conventionally masculine silhouette.  We are also expertise in producing this sort of elastic binders.

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